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The Science of Sublimation… where STEM gets SPOOKY!

This Halloween, engage your students (or your own kids) with an exploration of the properties of dry ice as they dive into the phase change of sublimation. Rarely observed in the Earth’s normal atmospheric conditions, sublimation occurs when a solid changes directly into a gas, skipping the liquid phase. This phase comes with it’s own spooky results.

I recently added a product to my TpT store for educators to share with their students. Whether your a teacher or parent at home, check out the video below for tips and tricks of how to explore the science of sublimation.







If you happen to be interested in the supporting “Spooky Science” document, you can find it here. I also have a non-halloween version with the same activities that you can find here. I hope you have fun adding some engagement and exploration to your home and classroom. This has been a class favorite with both my former 8th graders and I still use it now that I am teaching 6th grade. I love how the extension piece of the CER (claim, evidence, reasoning) writing task ties into the Common Core informational writing standard. You just can’t pass the opportunity to explore sublimation up!




Wishing you a class full of curious minds, always.


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