Science Gets Spooky!

  The Science of Sublimation... where STEM gets SPOOKY! This Halloween, engage your students (or your own kids) with an exploration of the properties of dry ice as they dive into the phase change of sublimation. Rarely observed in the Earth's normal atmospheric conditions, sublimation occurs when a solid changes directly into a gas, skipping … Continue reading Science Gets Spooky!

Cupid Needs Help!

Valentine's Day is on the way! It's the season of sharing our love with others (which is year round really, but you get the image I'm creating here right?!), and what do I love? SCIENCE! So, here are some fun STEM challenges to share with the ones you love this season. Cupid has been working … Continue reading Cupid Needs Help!

Hot Cocoa Science for the Holidays!

I LOVE all things holidays... I start listening to Christmas music waaaaay earlier than I probably should and twirl down the aisles of Hobby Lobby as soon as they fill their shelves with holiday joy. I've been planning some fun holiday STEM activities for the last month and I am so excited to have finished … Continue reading Hot Cocoa Science for the Holidays!