Engineering Forces Webquest

Here's a fun engineering Forces Webquest Freebie for you. My students have been studying engineering design and how failure leads to innovation. It's been such a great start to the year because it has given us the opportunity to create the understanding that "All good structures have strong foundations" (freebie poster of this quote). We … Continue reading Engineering Forces Webquest

Explore the Science of Winter Sports

The BIG GAMES are on their way! I love the pride that swells up every time I watch and athlete take on their lifelong Olympic dreams... and because I am such a sap, I usually end up with tears in my eyes (especially if there's a cut to the athletes parents). When I'm not an … Continue reading Explore the Science of Winter Sports

Hot Cocoa Science for the Holidays!

I LOVE all things holidays... I start listening to Christmas music waaaaay earlier than I probably should and twirl down the aisles of Hobby Lobby as soon as they fill their shelves with holiday joy. I've been planning some fun holiday STEM activities for the last month and I am so excited to have finished … Continue reading Hot Cocoa Science for the Holidays!